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ABRITES Diagnostics for BMW/MINI 22

* Improved ISN reading from DME/DDE as well new ECUs types added - ME9, EDC16, EDC17, MSV70, MEV9, MEVD17, MEVD172Y, MEVD172, MEVD1724, MEVD1725, N62_TUE/2, ME9N62, MSV80/MSV80.1, MSD80/MSD80.2, MSD81, MSD81.2, MSD85, MSS60, MEV172/MED172/MEV1722. Free for all owners of BN012
* Improved ISN conversion from DME to CAS, for ISTA-P 37+ CAS models requiring encryption. Free for all owners of BN010
* An entirely new way of making keys without an existing key (supported only for vehicles who’s ISN can be read from DME). Free for all owners of BN010
* Mileage reading and reset from a multitude of units. Support for E and F series. Free for all owners of BN012
* Introducing advanced support mode - a unique remote assistance and troubleshooting feature. No need to rely on TeamViewer anymore
* Added reading of AIF data and history for F Series. Free for all owners of BN012
* Lots of visual improvements and functional fixes