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ABRITES Diagnostics Jaguar and Land Rover 1.0

* The ABRITES diagnostics for Jaguar and Land Rover is the latest addition to the Abrites diagnostic software for AVDI lineup.
We are happy, as well as proud to announce that, once again, we have managed to take automotive another step forward.
This software provides the user with the possibility to perform dealer level diagnostic functions, such as reading DTCs, clearing DTCs, module identification, both basic and detailed, and many others. Another great feature is that it supports all the latest models
Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. As with all the other Abrites diagnostic software application we are eager to continue our development and provide you with everything the Abrites diagnostics for Jaguar and Land Rover has to offer now, as it begins and also all the features that are yet to be released. Free for all AVDI owners.