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ABRITES Diagnostics for VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda 25.0

* !!! HIT !!! New special function is implemented – AN056  - Transmission A4/S4/RS4/A5/S5/RS5/Q5 2007+, A6/S6/RS6/A7/S7/RS7/A8/S8 2010+, VW Touareg 2010+ adaptation
This will synchronize the transmission control unit (TCU) with the immobilizer, and will allow to shift the gears.
First it is necessary to read the new (replacement) TCU by direct connection to the TCU (Unit connector). Once the TCU is read, it can be adapted to the car completely by OBDII. It is possible to read the new TCU on the table and then to adapt it in the car.
* !!! HIT !!! New special function is implemented – AN057 - Reading of the Simos PCR 2.1 engine control units. The PIN/CS/MAC are read for these engine control units (ECUs). It is necessary first to unlock the ECU from the EEPROM (read EEPROM with a programmer, then software generates UNLOCK dump, which have to be written with a programmer). Once the ECU is unlocked it is possible to read the PIN/CS/MAC of the ECU by OBDII. This data can be used for replacement of defective engine control unit, or for preparation of keys for a car where all keys are lost.