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ABRITES Diagnostics for Mercedes/Maybach/Smart

Extended functionality of "DAS Manager" - free for all current owners of MN022+MN023+MN024 special functions.

- Reading security related data (FBS data a.k.a hashes) from the EZS/EIS, Engine Control Units, Transmission Control Units, ISM / ESM, Steering Lock (ELV/ESL) by DIAGNOSTIC connection.
- Resetting security related units to their factory default state, in order to prepare them for retrofitting in a different vehicle by DIAGNOSTIC connection.
- Personalization of all security related units - programming of the  needed security related data for proper operation of the unit when fitting it to the vehicle.
- Activation of all security related units.
- IR-adapter includes the  ability to emulate Green/Gray keys needed for personalization of EZS/EIS and Steering Lock (ELV/ESL).
- Emulation of a real IR-key using the  IR-adapter
- Coding data reading and programming for security related units (transmission type, VIN, part name, SCN coding, ...)
- Improved EZS/EIS password extracting by IR-adapter for EZS/EIS equipped with motorola HC912/HC908

No need for any kind of tokens!

All calculations (password reset /hashes or ELV/ESL passwords) are automatic and free for users with active AMS and the special functions above.

All users will start receiving their download links from 18-January-2016.