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Dear Customers,
Please note that September 24th 2018 is a public bank holiday in Bulgaria. This means that no orders will be processed on that date and replies from the technical support team might take a little longer than usual. Thank you in advance for the understanding!

Abrites Diagnostics for PSA version 7.4

The latest version of the Abrites diagnostics for PSA remains the ONLY TOOL IN THE WORLD to support 2015+ vehicles with UDS Continental BSIs and the latest news is that you can now exchange those BSIs. You will find a full list of the latest additions to the software below:

- Added BSI exchange for Continetal UDS BSI 2010-2017 and Valeo UDS BSI 2012-2017
- Added options for verify/set PIN of the HandsFree and to set PIN of the ELV
- Improved support for early Continetal UDS BSI 2015-2016 read PIN, odometer correction and read/write EEPROM, clear Faults Log
- Improved PIN reading for Valeo UDS BSI 2015+

Please expect this update very soon!