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Please note that September 24th 2018 is a public bank holiday in Bulgaria. This means that no orders will be processed on that date and replies from the technical support team might take a little longer than usual. Thank you in advance for the understanding!

PROTAG and Tag Key Tool version 10.3

The latest version contains added capabilites both for the Key Inspector special function and various transponders:

Key Inspector:

  • added information extraction from HitagAES transponders (Renault key cards) - mileage, VIN, last drive, user information (sometimes entered by insurance companies) - this information can be seen only if it is present in the key

Transponder support:

  • added MegamosAES transponder support - customer can see ID, key position, locked/unlocked and last 8 stored mileage/data (if present in key). User can check authentication with user entered security key and read transponder information
  • added cloning of G-keys (regular type) for Toyota vehicles