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Abrites Diagnostics for VAG version 34.0

In the upcoming version of the Abrites diagnsotics for VAG you can expect the following new freatures:

Cluster calibration completely by OBD for the following models:

- Audi A6/A7 (4G)
- Audi A8 (4H)
- VW Touareg (7P)

available with the VN010 function for cars produced after 2010+

- Reworked the procedure for adaptation of EZS-Kessy from A6 (2005-2010) and Q7 (2006-2014).
- Reworked the procedure for adaptation of Transmission of A6 (2005-2010) and Q7 (2006-2014).
- Reworked the procedure for adaptaiton of Immo V ECU for the BCM2 cars (now it is possible to adapt the ECU completely by OBDII for the ECUs until 2013, for the other ECUs it is no longer necessary to write the flash back to the ECU).
- Reworked the procedure for adaptation Immo III/Immo IV ECU/TCU (VN005). Adapting the devices without using EM003 emulator.
- ME17.5.24 is now supported - PIN/CS is read from the internal CAN bus

- New versions of the EZS Kessy related modules added for component protection as well as new versions of MMI modules added across the Generation I and II.

- Component protection added for Central electric.

- Added support for Component protection for 09-Central electric module with Quorriva MCU