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Dear Customers,
Please note that September 24th 2018 is a public bank holiday in Bulgaria. This means that no orders will be processed on that date and replies from the technical support team might take a little longer than usual. Thank you in advance for the understanding!

FBS4 Manager Now In Sale

Dear All,

We are happy to announce the release of the Abrites FBS 4 manager function. It will now be available for our customers. The new special function will be called MN027 and it is where all the future FBS related development will be done. For the moment it focuses on the service related functions and of course the next step in its development will be the adding of key programming.

Here is what you can use the FBS4 manager (MN027) for at this moment:

- Module renewal for the 7G tronic gearbox/ transmission control modules of the VGSNAG2 variant VGS3.

- Module renewal for the Engine Control Units of the following ECUs CRD3, CRD3S2, CRD3NFZ, CRD3H.

- Reading and writing of the vehicle identification (VIN) for the following modules: CRD3, CRD3S2, CRD3NFZ, CRD3H.