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Abrites Diagnostics For Mercedes Online version 31.7

In version 31.7 of the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes online we have prepared for you the following features:

- Repair DPF after cluster calibration is now supported for all models.

- Thousands of new actuators added.

- New coding features - fast coding and regular features.

- Flashing of modules with our database and your own files.

- New Routine Tests added - easy procedure, step-by-step guide.

- New Actuator Tests. Monitor live values while testing actuators.

- Input Output  Controls. 

- Adjustments and Calibrations. With this feature you can perform module adjustment and calibrations.

- Overall you can see over 900000 new adjustments and calibrations for all Mercedes vehicles. 

All of this is FREE if you have an AVDI and AMS.