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Dear Customers,
Please note that September 24th 2018 is a public bank holiday in Bulgaria. This means that no orders will be processed on that date and replies from the technical support team might take a little longer than usual. Thank you in advance for the understanding!


Here are some of the features you can expect in the new version of the Abrites Diagnsotics for VAG which is coming out this month:


- MQB Read cluster CS by OBDII applicable for: VDO TFT, VDO Virtual Cockpit and JCI

- MQB All keys lost - added ability to perform ALL KEYS LOST even if the car is with automatic transmission

- Read MQB transmission control units - Read CS, Clone/Restore on bench read or internal can with the ds box relay from the fuse of the transmission.

- Read DL501 Generation 2 transmission control unit (A6/A7 2013+) - Clone/Restore. The transmission needs to be read on a bench.

- Replace MQB dashboard - possibility to clone an existing dashboard and replace with a second hand unit.

- Adapt modules to MQB cars - Engine control unit, Transmission control unit, Steering lock

- Possibility to adapt any Immo V parts manually (MQB/BCM2) if the CS of the parts is known.

- IMMO V/ IMMO IV hybrid cars (sometimes the ECU of some cars is IMMO V and teh rest is IMMO IV this is where this functionality is unbelievable. For cars with Immo IV dashboard (CS is 12 bytes) and Immo V engine control unit (CS is 16 bytes) - e.g. Caddy/Tiguan/Touaran/Transporter 2016+ - possibility to extract the CS (16 bytes) of the key and of the ECU from the CS of the dashboard

- Unsuppoprted VDO NEC dasboards added - both for mileage and keys (e.g. VW Fox). Many new VDO NEC clusters added to the support list allowing more and easier support.