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Dear Customers,
Please note that September 24th 2018 is a public bank holiday in Bulgaria. This means that no orders will be processed on that date and replies from the technical support team might take a little longer than usual. Thank you in advance for the understanding!


The Abrites ECU programmer is growing and expanding rapidly! Whether you are a Tuner, Locksmith or Service Specialist the Abrites ECU programming tool is the right tool for you. 

In the NEW version of the software (3.0) we will have numerous improvements. What you will see in it will be much better than the competitive tools in many ways including the following:


With you in mind!

Most of the ECUs we support will be supported by OBDII. This means that there will be no need for extra time and effort in order to phisically take the ECU out of the car/ truck/ jetski/ atv/ motorcycle or whatever vehicle you are working on.  Your time and effort will be reduced significantly by using the Abrites ECU programming software.  We all know how important your time and effort is and this is where we can help you save both.


Unmatched support!

Our support for various ECUs grows daily. We add new modules to the software ALL THE TIME and not just your standard, everyday ECUs - NO! We constantly add different modules from all types of vehicles from across the globe - not just cars but trucks/ busses/ atvs/ boats/ jetski - the list is practically limitless.


Our moto for this project is - AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE BY OBD!

Perhaps the most important part of the Abrites ECU programming tool is its functionality - while other tools in the field of ECU programming will tell you that they support ECUs by OBD their OBD functionality is limited to the ECUs tuning maps or other sections while Abrites provides you full control over OBD - read and write the all the information from the ECU by OBD - YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

Not just that - you have many features that noone else has a solution for - starting from IMMO bypass BY OBD and going as far as reading/ writin ALL the data from the ECUs others have not even seen including Flash, Dflash EEPROM, tuning maps where the maps are completely read and written, checksum is calculated. 

In short - we provide you with an easy to use, comprehensive tool which does EXACTLY what you need at cost lower than the competitive tools and full functionality which surpasses not only them but your expectations as well. There will be cases where you will need to take the ECU out of the vehicle to work with it but is the exception and not the rule.